Ultra Pulls Out Of Virginia Key Location After Messy First Year

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Ultra was less than euphoric about the Virginia Key location, as also reported in a Q&A interview in Islander News with chair of the virginia key advisory Board, Joe Rasco. Ultra was forced to find a new location with little advance planning after being booted out of Bayfront Park for complaints from the residents similar to the same complaints.

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On March 13, 1999, the very first Ultra Music Festival welcomed a respectable 7,000 attendees to the sands of miami beach. Now, two decades later, the Miami-born electronic music festival is a.

At that first event, out of what I would describe as a small seven person office, we literally threw away a shipping container worth of things. We got rid of a second container’s worth of stuff by.

The festival calling Miami home for 21 years was all but pushed out of the area this year. Then, after its first year on Virginia Key Beach, organizers are pulling the plug and moving to a new.

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Thread by @joeflech: "Gettin on the bus near the old Miami Herald site to head to Virginia Key . There are lots of buses lined up here. I gothe main stage. It’s almost full. Lots of police boats in the bay on both sides of the Ricke [.]" #Ultra2019 #ultra

In a Game of Thrones level twist, Ultra Music Festival has cancelled its license agreement with the City of Miami to hold the festival at Virginia Key in 2020. As the City of Miami planned to vote.