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Here is a list of free top paying keywords for google adsense.Rates given here is the average for top three postion, updated 19th November, 2006.The high paying keywords provided here is just for keyword research and analysis purpose.

Just a little side note, basically any state and personal injury attorney or lawyer is a high paying Google AdSense keyword but Chicago seems to be the highest. Ranging from $15 – $30 per click. And don’t be afraid to take some words and switch them around or add words to find more money per click.

Google Adsense is one of the finest monetizing networks to make money online from your blog. If your blog is getting significant traffic, then you can earn a good income by using google adsense high paying keywords in your blog posts. Google Adsense was founded in 2003 and rapidly became the most.

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With regards to advertising, one key is to understand correlations between keywords. By determining correlations between inexpensive and expensive keywords, you can advertise on the inexpensive keyword (via pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines) to drive traffic to your website that serves ads based on expensive keywords.

An unofficial List of the Highest Paying Adsense Keywords – (Adwords – Optimised your sites performance) – Tips for optimising Google Adsense on your pages.

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For most of us, we already know how hard it is to get people to click on these links and even if they do, sometimes the chosen ads are low paying ones because of the keywords used on our page. So to help maximize profits, here is a list of 101 high paying google adsense words you can try and use to target the keywords in your content to.

Hi Istiak, Thanks you very much, for providing nice information about high paying keywords Google adsense, i really don’t know is this much google paying for they keywords, after read this article im planning to build a site with top paying keywords site really nice post thanks alot.