The Frugal Lawyer – Why Are You Paying For Legal Research?

High court rules 2nd mortgages can’t be voided in bankruptcy WASHINGTON (AP) – A unanimous Supreme court ruled monday that homeowners who declare bankruptcy can’t void a second mortgage even if the home isn’t worth what they owe on the primary mortgage. The justices ruled in two Florida cases that bankrupt homeowners can’t "strip off" a second loan even if they are underwater on the first loan.

Americans routinely skirt federal law by crossing into Canada and Mexico or tapping online pharmacies abroad to buy.

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How to do Legal Research in Law School.. Walk through the standard legal research process. Why is it important to me as an incoming 1L? You’ll have a class dedicated to legal research during the year, and learning legal research is part of the process of becoming a lawyer.. For clients.

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Why has my attorney charged me for "research"? If I’m paying top dollar for an attorney, I expect him to know the law. If my attorney could not answer my question, it would seem to me that it should be on him to get caught up on the law– for his own benefit. Why should the highly paid professional.

You’re paying for his education, and knowledge, as an attorney – – to know where and how to research, and to understand what he’s reading so that he can impart that information to you! If you want free advice, either come here, or go to your nearest college law library and put in the time yourself.

The law went into effect earlier this month. though she conceded there likely wouldn’t be legal action without an.

If you look a mile. of local municipal law to the facts at hand would provide legal advice that we are unqualified and.

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I think the problems you mention can be partially attributed to the poor job law schools generally do in teaching legal research. Most schools, my own (University of Ottawa) included, could do much more to emphasize the importance of solid research skills and to develop those skills in our students.

Whether you are working at a law firm, at the public defender’s office, starting your own law practice, waiting tables while you look for legal employment, or in law school and planning ahead, this site can become your new best friend. Why young lawyers should be budgeting. I think we all know why we should be budgeting.